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I Miss Dancing

30 Apr

Back when I was a child, I spent my elementary school in East Jakarta till fifth grade. I took a dance class at Sanggar Yusnita, located around Kayu Manis. There, I learn traditional and modern dance. I started to learn Jaipong, a popular traditional dance from West Java. My trainer said that i’m a fast learner. It doesn’t take a long time for me to memorize all the movements, hahaha. That’s why eventhough I’m a new comer in the class, my trainer count me in to perform at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). It was my first experience perform in front of so many people.

In the 90s (I forgot the exact year), There’s a tv show at Indosiar called “Pesta Ceria“, hosted by Violetta Sayna, Erina GD and Yoga, remember? I perform my modern dance at Pesta Ceria. I’m one of the background dancers for a Trio singer. I don’t remember their name, but for sure They’re not Trio Kwek-Kwek. That’s my first experience into a television, hahaha.

Actually the pics are more than three. Including my pics at Pesta Ceria. But I can’t find them all.  Those are the pics which I found left in my house.  Now, I’m kinda miss dancing. I wanna learn some traditional dance from Palembang.