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Yesung Super Junior

12 Apr

Did you know Super Junior?? I bet you know. Super Junior (SuJu) is a boy band from South Korea who have billion of fans all across the world. The fans are called as ELF (Everlasting Fans). Well actually I’m not one of them. I mean, I don’t really like the whole SuJu. I just love one of them, and He is Yesung. Yesung is one of the four lead vocalists of SuJu. I love him since I’ve heard his song “It Has To Be You“, a soundtrack for Korean Drama “Cinderella Step Sister“. Right after I’ve heard it, I asked my friend who is the singer of the song? My friend said It’s Yesung, one of SuJu’s member. After that, as you might guess, I stalked him. I immediately google him, haha 😛


Yesung’s voice is freaking amazing, so smooth, naturally deep and husky. No doubt he is one of the four lead vocalist. Some people said that He has the best voice in Super Junior. I couldn’t agree more :). You know, I’m in love with his voice even before I know him, even before I see his face. So, throw away your mind who might guess that I love him just because He is cute. FYI, He is also one of the best dancer in Super Junior!! What a talent!! How can I not love you Oppa? :D.

The conclusion, If you ask me about SuJu’s songs, I might don’t know, but if you ask me Yesung’s songs, I certainly know. 😀